Hey, new blog!

May 12, 2013

This is my blog. More to the point, it's my blog, which means that the opinions here are mine and not those of my employer, co-workers, spouse, etc. I'm going to attempt to post once a week, updating on Sundays or thereabouts.

This blog is currently deployed on Github Pages. At the time of this writing it's a MVB (Minimum Viable Blog). The CSS is still a bit of a mess from where I ripped off better designers than me, particularly on Android. And I don't have Google Analytics or any of those sorts of things one expects to find when one goes digging through the page source. But you can read posts and get in touch with me from here.

For the time being I'm eschewing a commenting system. If you'd like to comment on the things you read here, feel free to post on Twitter or the appropriate Github issues page.