Hugo 1-byte outputs

January 27, 2021

A particularly annoying bug in Hugo that I've been running into is that it will output 1-byte files for the index and other pages. This is not sparking joy.

What's particularly bad about it is that it's not at all consistent. Any given build will just randomly decide that the front page or the RSS feed should be empty. So every time I pushed to Netlify it'd be a crap shoot as to whether or not the whole site would break. While I try to figure this out I've been building locally, checking manually with find -size 1c, and then pushing the whole build output directory to Netlify.

This is a good example of where a tool has made so much of their stated value proposition about performance that they seem to have forgotten to do the job correctly. It's the MongoDB of static website generator software. And it's totally undebuggable of course; they give you no tools except for ones that help you debug rendering performance (which, I am forced to admit, are pretty nice). I probably have some small template bug that's only triggering some interleaved concurrent rendering path in Hugo when the moon is waxing full, resulting in a file that contains only a single newline.

Of course I dug through their GitHub issues looking for anything similar and their answers always start with asking you to upgrade to the very latest version. Which would be fine except that every single time I've updated Hugo they've broken backwards compatibility in their templates. If I wanted that kind of pain I would just fix the damn bug myself. And hey it's open source so isn't that the beauty of it? But it's a static website renderer with acute featuritis, which is exactly the sort of nerd snipe that's going to find me writing my own from scratch. As one does.


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