Container-Native Architecture [talk]

October 30, 2015

On October 29th I gave a talk on container-native architecture at ContainerDays NYC.

From the programme:

Moving your application into a container and deploying it to production is a great first step towards taking advantage of containerization. This gets you past "works on my machine", and Docker makes this easy. But the real value of containers — fast immutable deployments, maximizing resource utilization, and bare-metal performance — comes from an architecture optimized for containers. This is container-native architecture.

Tim will explore the story of a real-world large scale production microservices deployment of Docker, and the challenges faced in both design and operations of migrating this kind of multi-faceted application to a container-native architecture.

You can find my slides here. I experimented with reveal.js for these, so use <space> to advance and s to get the speaker's notes.

You can watch the talk on YouTube.


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